We love the mountains. We love good food. And we are vegetarian. With limited options for a lightweight, hearty vegetarian meal we decided to make our own to take with us to the hills. And they were bloody good! We started experimenting with making meals we loved to eat, full of flavour, and dehydrating them.

On our missions in the hills we found ourselves hungry for a well proportioned and nutritionally balanced dinner, knowing we would need the right amount of protein for recovery and carbohydrates for tomorrow’s energy. We found that a single serve of meals on the market was not enough to satisfy our hunger after a day of adventuring, but a double serve was too much. That’s why our meals are packaged in a hearty 1.5 single serve.

By the middle of each day of walking we’d be dreaming about which meal we were going to have for dinner, and looking forward to the deliciousness that awaited us. The idea of sharing these meals with others was one that we’ve been thinking about for the last 4 years, in the end we decided they were too good not to share! After illness and injury, Frankie found herself with too much time on her hands and unable to venture in the hills.  Never one to give up, she found the silver lining to her injury and fuelled that frustration and spare time into the beginnings of Local Dehy.

We live in a wee house in Lake Hawea, just outside of Wanaka, with our ginger cat Kehu, and mountains all around us. We make small batches of dehy in our custom built food trailer that sits in our driveway. We add lots of fresh veggies, toast and grind whole spices, and cook each batch with care. It’s then dehydrated and packaged by hand, ready for you to take on your next adventure!