Cajun Jambalaya

A vegan twist on a Southern American classic! Punchy and peppery this unique dish is made by cooking the black rice, beans and vegetables in an aromatic tomato-based sauce. Flavoured with our own blend of herbs and spices is a meal bursting with flavours from the deep South.

This meal’s hero ingredient is ‘tempeh’ which is a soy-based food containing vitamin B12 and is a complete source of protein. That means it has all the essential amino acids your body needs for healthy bones and muscle recovery. Tempeh also has no cholesterol, and it’s high in fibre, iron, & calcium. With so many health benefits this really is a superfood for the body after a hard day. 

We use ‘The Good Oil’ virgin sunflower oil for our cooking, grown right here on the slopes of Otago. By using local produce we support New Zealand growers and reduce food miles and carbon emissions.


Ingredients: Organic black rice, tomatoes, black beans, corn, onion, green beans, capsicum, peas, tempeh, NZ virgin sunflower oil, garlic, vegetable stock, herbs and spices.