Leek and Lentil Stew

Our new Leek and Lentil Stew comes straight out of Frankie’s Welsh heritage, leek being one of the Welsh national emblems! This hearty bowl of warmth is called ‘cawl’ in Wales and is regarded as the national dish. We add to this the kiwi favourite kūmara with barley brought together with basil, oregano and a hint of caraway, and we have a perfect fusion. 

Enjoy as dinner or even as a warm lunch for those chilly days.

This stew is made in the old fashioned way, we put all the ingredients into a big pot and cook it until all the veggies are soft and the lentils have absorbed all the hearty delicious vegetable broth. This ensures a complex flavour profile in every spoonful.

We use ‘The Good Oil’ virgin sunflower oil for our cooking, grown right here on the slopes of Otago. By using local produce we support New Zealand growers and reduce food miles and carbon emissions.

Kumara (14%), carrot, potato, leeks (10%), barley (3%), puy lentils (2%), red lentils (2%), vegetable stock, New Zealand virgin sunflower oil, oregano (0.1%), basil, carraway (0.05%)