Thai Green Curry

Bursting with flavour our Thai Green Curry with brown rice is a fresh and satisfying meal.  We make our own fragrant and zesty Thai curry paste from scratch to ensure maximum flavour. 

We use brown rice in this curry as it is more nutrient-rich than white rice, it contains more fibre, B vitamins, healthy fats and antitoxins. In short, it’s a healthier choice.  The young green jackfruit acts as the ‘meat’ and delivers a handful of key nutrients, including fibre, vitamin C, B vitamins, and potassium.  We add heaps of New Zealand veggies – cauliflower, potato, and green beans and then cook to perfection. This warming curry will help replenish your body ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

We use ‘The Good Oil’ virgin sunflower oil for our cooking, grown right here on the slopes of Otago. Also, our lime leaves for this paste are grown right here on the Pouto Peninsula in Northland.  By using local produce we support New Zealand growers and reduce food miles and carbon emissions.


Ingredients: Brown rice (26%), potato, cauliflower (14%), young green jackfruit (11%),  green beans, red capsicum, water chestnuts, red onion, coconut cream, lemongrass (1.5%), galangal, garlic, salt, coriander, lime leaves, NZ virgin sunflower oil, herbs and spices, soybean oil, chilli.

Contains: Soy

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