Our meals and porridge require boiling water to rehydrate. The amount of water varies from meal to meal, so be sure to check the instruction panel on each package. Since you cannot pour water into our compostable bags you will need a method of rehydrating. We are offering three great products that you can use for this purpose. Like all products, they have embedded carbon, which is the sum of the greenhouse gas emissions used to bring them to market. The longer the product lasts, the lower the carbon emissions per use. We have selected high-quality products that are built to last many many years, rather than cheaper products that will end up in landfill quickly.

**For every one of these products we sell we will donate $1.50 to Te Kākano Trust, a Wānaka volunteer community-based plant nursery propagating native plants for local habitat restoration in Otago.**


Each reusable container has its own advantages, so click on the pictures at the top of the page for more info on each product.